It is an honor to endorse Mark Shull a friend, fellow Oregonian and an American patriot.

I met Mark and we initially operated as team members in a small element.  His clear speaking, erect posture and physical aptitude were remarkable but secondary as the high esteem of his co-workers and their recommendations came out loud and strong.  Occurrences of this are highly unusual.   These recommendations and requests were groundwork which led to reevaluation and promotion.

Mark and I served in the same organization during Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Our Commander, a savvy military operator, selected Mark as a leader on the Advance Guard into the combat theatre.  Mark’s strong, bold leadership style came to the fore.  He took assigned missions and met them with dedication and determination. His successes both those as a team leader and as an individual operator were immediately apparent.   His efforts were always result orientated regardless of the mission and in a variety of environments such as the visits to the Iraqi schools on security, fact finding, and goodwill patrols.

Mark has always retained a high degree of physical fitness which rolls over to a notable personal appearance. His attitude and demeanor portray that of someone confident, ready, and involved.  He is engaging in conversation and works well with others.

Mark will be a very good representative of the citizenry of his district.  I wish I were one.