I have a plan for a wildfire report to the public for each month June thru October.

Here is the report for June.


Clackamas County is heading into wildfire season.

Now is the time to ensure every family and business is getting prepared for whatever may come this wildfire season.

I will remind you each month with a new focus;

June: Create a Defensible Space

July: Sign up for Public Alerts

August: Evacuation Routes

September: Evacuation Levels

October: Dealing with Wildfire Smoke

June: Create a Defensible Space. Now is the time to take a close look at your property and determine what is a fire hazard, what can be done to mitigate fire should it reach your property.

A good place to start is this video:

Also visit the Clackamas County Disaster Management website Clackamas.us/dm

If you are in the eastern side of Clackamas County and you need assistance in clearing out undergrowth and fuels you might give Ant Farm a call and learn about the Wildfire Mitigation teams. https://antfarmyouthservices.com/

Clackamas Fire website for Wildfire preparation and Mitigation tips: https://clackamasfire.com/readyset-go/?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTAAAR1a7NX0n1P8rBKc0r-D3nRZKzh2e1YBIGcgIRvaZv52wMVGbJgbQdZRjO4_aem_AXUu6UZLYd_6NAjblKx8GxARd8hPTrz449hLJyO-wxiTLH4UyI5AgvKpl4XxTz7HyATiKOTkg-zsiwJiDiAaxGYS


Be ready. Be Safe.