Shull has filed for re-election this year and is running an unusual campaign — HE IS NOT SOLICITING POLITICAL DONATIONS.

Why have you decided not to solicit political donations this year?

My intent is to stop the focus on campaign contributions and the amount of money a candidate has in his or her ORESTAR (state reporting) account. I refused to participate in this CORRUPTION that’s happening.
For example, (there is a) company we have a contract with in Clackamas County. (They) have fines hanging over their head. We have to make decisions on how we’re doing to deal with house fines. I have clean conscience. I haven’t taken money from them. We have to deal with contracts with the public employees unions.

Again, I can make a decision with a clean conscience. So, that’s how I’m doing that, the finding part of my campaign. People say well, where are you going to get the money and make things happen? Well, I maintain that the whole thing about money and how money is used in elections in Oregon IS WRONG. I intend to pay for whatever I need in the way of signs, fliers, ads.-

April 2024