National security is the number one mission of the federal government. Border security is part of National security.
The current administration’s neglect of security responsibilities regarding border security and illegal immigration has created a situation across the USA that is fraught with hazards. You hear about them every day. You see it on our streets. Cities are collapsing under the load.
Has America already forgotten about what happened on the morning of September 11, 2001, and a thousand other attacks on America by ISIS and their cohorts? You can bet they are here.
Americans must take action in the primary in May. It is time to take care of OUR country, and to stop focusing efforts and our treasury on foreign nations.
Elect people who will protect America, American families and American businesses.
I pray that America will wake up, and that we will once again be a Nation worthy of the blessing from the Creator.

Mark K. Shull
Fighting for America everyday