Every system runs down and decays. That is what human societies are like. The principal job of the conservative American is not just to hold on to what exists, it is to look for restoration, to identify what has become corrupt or decayed and look to history for a model of how to remodel, rebuild or repair while strengthening the entire system as a whole.

Family, history and values must be preserved. These nested hierarchies are imperative for our young people to find meaning and direction in that hierarchy to inspire them to move up in it and strive toward success.

As we build a better County, State and Nation, we need all Americans working together to move forward. We cannot keep dishonoring each other based on political party. If we do so, we can only set the stage for greater conflict in the future.

I rely on an effective argument, and an observable track record when defending my values upon which I make decisions. Therefore there is no need to descend into rock throwing to speak up for what is right.


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