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A lot is involved with being a Clackamas County commissioner. Aside from being part of the board that manages the daily operations of one of Oregon’s largest counties, the commissioners also work with several different outside entities on a wide variety of public policy areas.

On February 21, I was assigned to several positions on various committees, councils and commissions both inside and outside of the county. Fortunately, the bodies that I’ve been appointed to serve on represent the culmination of my background, experience and passions over the years.

One of the organizations that the county works closely with is the Association of Oregon Counties (AOC). That group represents all 36 of Oregon’s counties and works on their behalf.

AOC staff is heavily involved in the state legislature’s ongoing session. It has a team of lobbyists who work to keep bills that could be harmful to our counties from being passed. They also advance beneficial bills on the behalf of Oregon’s counties, and track and lobby on federal legislation in Washington D.C.

I’ve been assigned to the AOC committees on Public Safety, Public Lands and Natural Resources and Revenue and Governance. Being on those bodies also helps ensure that Clackamas County’s interests will be represented when it comes to those subjects.

Similarly, the National Association of Counties works primarily on federal issues. I’ve been assigned to be a member of its Veterans and Military Families Committee. As a retired military office with both USMC and US ARMY active duty experience and as one who served in many capacities around the world and in Operation Iraqi Freedom, I feel this is a good fit. I know firsthand about the sacrifices made by our military families and am uniquely qualified to advocate for policies that could improve their lives. That’s why I was appointed to the county’s Veterans Advisory Committee and to the National Association of Counties Veterans and Military Families liaison.

Because I’m passionate about the sustainable and responsible use of our natural resources and forest management, I now proudly serving on the county’s Forestry Advisory Board. My other local assignments are as a member of the county Parks Advisory and Fair boards and as the public safety liaison for the sheriff’s office.

Transportation is an issue that is very important for the residents of Clackamas County. As such, I’m happy to be the alternate on the Oregon Department of Transportation’s Regional Area Commission on Transportation.

Between catastrophic wildfires last summer and ice storms this winter, Clackamas County has been severely impacted by natural disasters. As a member of the Emergency Management Coalition, I will work to ensure that the county is well-equipped to handle such situations as they come up and that out frontline employees have the resources they need to help residents who are distressed.

I’ve been on the job for a couple of months now. As you can imagine, there’s a learning curve, just like there is with any new position. But I’m really settling in and eager to get started representing the county and its residents on these boards, committees and commissions.

Please feel free to share your questions and comments with me anytime here.

To contact me in my official role as commissioner, please email me at [email protected]