The weight that the taxpayer is now bearing on his/her shoulders is now becoming unbearable and therefore unsustainable. The bureaucracy of government, at all levels, is extracting more and more vitality out of the people and the economy. It is called the Deep State at the federal level; unelected government employees who see the county as being made up of them, receivers of taxation, and the businesses and the families; the payers of the taxation.

The plan to toll Oregon roads, starting with I-205 and then spreading to I-5, I-84 and beyond, is another tool to sustain an ever growing and more expensive bureaucracy.

If we the people are to take back control and limit the expense and scope of government, starting by stopping tolling would be a good place to make our stand.

Each of us has a state representative and a state senator. Let them know what you think about tolling.

Tolling is not a forgone conclusion at this time. Fight it. Now. Take back your prosperity and what should stay in your wallet.