-AN UNUSUAL CAMPAIGNShull has filed for re-election this year and is running an unusual campaign — HE IS NOT SOLICITING POLITICAL DONATIONS. HOODVIEW NEWS:Why have you decided not to solicit political donations this year? MARK SHULL:My intent is to stop the focus on campaign contributions and the amount of money a candidate has in his or her ORESTAR (state reporting)…

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Exclusive Interview

HOODVIEW NEWS REPORT Sept. 2023 exclusive interview A Discussion with Clackamas County Commissioner Mark Shull Bill Wehr: You took office in January 2021. Over the course of the two and one half years you have been in office. What is an important major issue you have seen accomplished by the Board of Clackamas County Commissioner. Mark Shull: Due to the…

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Stop Tolling!

The weight that the taxpayer is now bearing on his/her shoulders is now becoming unbearable and therefore unsustainable. The bureaucracy of government, at all levels, is extracting more and more vitality out of the people and the economy. It is called the Deep State at the federal level; unelected government employees who see the county as being made up of…

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I will continue to make motions to eliminate anything out of the county budget that’s paid for by hard-working taxpayers. We have to get back to a lean government, we have to get back to a cost-effective government, and you might agree that in the next few years we are going to be looking at a ever increasing paying taxes.…

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Then Vs. Now

Male hand showing, offering a new dream house at the empty field with copy space-cm

The past few months have been among the most interesting in my entire life. I started it off by being sworn in as Clackamas County Commissioner, which was and is one of the greatest honors I’ve ever experienced. This came after our county and many others throughout Oregon suffered through massive fires and the resulting smoke. Then there were the…

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In Defense of the American Way

In defense of the American Dream-cm

Like many of you, I’ve closely watched the events of the past few months, both locally and nationally. Oregon’s largest city, Portland, has become the poster child for the differing visions of what our great nation should be. Knowing that the riots and lawlessness are happening not too far from Clackamas County has been a huge source of discomfort for…

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Living Within Our Means

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To me, true fiscal conservatism means spending taxpayer dollars the same way in which you manage your household budget. Think about it this way—most people get paid on a regular basis and have to prioritize bills. Rent, utilities, and insurance usually come first, along with debt service like car and student loans and credit card payments. But before you even…

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