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It’s no secret that our nation is divided. This is typically the case in election years, and especially when we’re set to decide our next presidential administration.

All the heated rhetoric and soundbites circulate through traditional media outlets and are now shared and spread on social media, often causing longtime friends and family members to lose touch because they disagree on issues or candidates.

The perception being perpetuated is that half of our citizens want government completely in charge of everything and will settle for nothing less, while the other half want limited, cost effective government.  

While there are some people that hold one of those positions or the other, I’ve found that most are right in between. They agree, as I do, that government should not try to be all things to all people. Contrary to what some may think, this doesn’t make them anti-government, it just means that they’re realistic about what it is that government should, and should not, be doing.

I take the position that government exists for the sake of protecting and preserving our natural rights. It is there to provide services that citizens agree they want and that can’t or shouldn’t be provided by private entities.

The 2020 election gives us the opportunity to decide what we want our government to look like at every level. I’m running for Clackamas County Commissioner because I think that this important layer of local government has gotten too big and lost focus on the handful of things it should be doing well.

I believe that the top priority of county government should be public safety. Citizens need to feel secure in their own homes, businesses and out in public. They need to know that if they call for assistance, qualified, competent and well-trained law enforcement officials will arrive in a reasonable amount of time and handle the matter with the utmost of professionalism.

People need to know that if they become victims of a crime that it will be investigated and any suspect who is caught will be brought to justice and face trial to determine guilt or innocence.

Transportation is another critical function of government. Citizens and businesses must have a way to get products to their customers. People have to be able to get to their jobs in a timely manner. Roads must have good connectivity and be well-maintained. Public transportation systems need to be accessible, reliable and cost efficient in order to be effective.

Taxpayers also like being able to access shared services like parks and libraries. Recreation is important for the sake of public health and not everyone has access to a large backyard or private property. People of all ages stand to benefit from the volumes of wisdom and ample learning opportunities available at their local library.

I’m not running for Clackamas County Commissioner to eliminate vital services. My concern is that the county is trying to do so many things that it is failing to do any of them well. I want to ensure that county residents have quality services that we all can rely on, without burdening them with more taxes and fees in the process.   

  1. Karen L. Brandt says:

    When government does too much for people, it becomes a heavy tax burden to support it, and it smacks of socialism. The United States Government gives us the principles and actions that should guide us on every level. I’d like to see our county also get back to those basics.

    • As we work to tighten the budget of the County, the budget of households and businesses will get stronger. Thank you Karen for passing the word on the importance of the 3 November election in Clackamas County commissioner race.

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